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Process Assistance
Process Assistance

We gratefully respect the business process teams can have
and are ready to give you our support combining all the benefits of Cloud solutions,
without compromising the way everyday business runs in your company.
As a tech company you need to manage source code, build and delivery it to the cloud.

Our custom Serverless solutions allow you to manage all the tasks in a cloud and do sales
via a Serverless CRM system, and because this is Serverless, you only ever pay for what you use.

Source code in the Cloud

Whatever provider you choose to manage a source code with, we are ready to support and integrate it into the overall cloud architecture. As we have all the required CloudFormation templates, it’s possible to handle all types of Webhooks from Bitbucket, Github or native AWS CodeCommit.

Process Assistance

Deploy in the Cloud

With AWS CodePipeline we can configure continuous integration and always deliver infrastructure updates. AWS CodePipeline allows you to build, test, and update deployment every time there is a change in a codebase. AWS has no upfront fees or long term contracts so you are flexible and only pay for what you use.

CRM in the Cloud

Just like Cloud Cards, our Cloud CRM allows you to support sales activity and manage customers or clients in an AWS Cloud. With Cloud CRM solutions, there is no need to share your client’s database with CRM providers because all the data is stored on your AWS account under your full control and watchful eye.

Build in the Cloud

Build and test your apps with continuous scaling whilst only paying for the build time you use. We can help you manage build services that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces software packages. With AWS CodeBuild, there’s no need for equipment, managing and scale build servers.

Tasks in the Cloud

Our Cloud Cards product allows you to deploy a Serverless app on the AWS account you manage. It also has all the same features of Trello and Asasa, but has the added advantage of no monthly fees which means that you only pay for what you use. The product was built only using best practices of Serverless architecture, which means it is secure, safe and resilient by default. Also all the data is stored on the premise you control in an AWS DynamoDB tables.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Nowadays Data is the fuel of global Economics, so we must respect the way in which we understand and use it. With proper usage of your data, it can become a powerful tool to set your company apart against others.


Nearly everywhere and all the time Data has to be transformed, so why not use the benefits the cloud can give us. AWS EMR and AWS Glue could be a great choice as they are based on the well known Apache Spark framework which any IT team can develop the logic to extract, transform and reduce the Data.


Imagine if you could deploy a Hadoop ecosystem in a cloud! and have infinitive scaling capabilities. That’s not a problem if you know how to combine Docker and Kubernates with Hadoop apps. However deploying SQL-on-Hadoop in Kubernates may be tricky with full of obstacle in the way. So why not do it together! We have all the required toolkit to make this process enjoyable and less problematic.


Data can be a stream and streams can be full of raw data. So how could you manage, store and review it? Just like AWS has support to the Stream via AWS Kinesis it also make sense to review alternatives from the Apache Foundation like Kafka and Cassandra. If your dealing with historical data a better approach would be to try out .


Our unique data analytics solutions give you the ability to run data via ETL workers in a cloud. We did this on purpose because we know that data workers only give value when they are in use. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an expensive ETL engine if it is idle.


We call it awareness because as a business owner you have to be aware of all the risks and bottleneck in your systems. Having all the required skills to do security and resilience audits our mission is to make our awareness super clear.


There is always a way to increase performance but the main question at hand is usually about costs. So how can you find the best balance between Performance and Costs? It’s a good question, one which we will happily help you solve along the way.


Finally, costs directly drives the resilience and vice versa. Having resilience everywhere is always a good consideration to have in mind but are you ready to pay the for that ? Is it worth investing funds into product development now to make your product work, only to then redevelop resilience across all cloud components. Make sense ?


Everyone knows how crucial and important security is. Cloud solutions do offer a huge amount of benefits but unfortunately does contain one big hidden problem - security. “No one knows what’s going on” is a good example of how security is usually handled in companies. With growing complexity the number of “open doors” to sensitive data will increase dramatically, that’s why our audit toolkit allows you to identify security problems in AWS deployment. Make sure you are always aware of “open doors”.


Raising costs is another big problem of improper cloud usage. Even when there is correct behavior of the system some cloud components just spend too much resources or wait for the work to be done. With our knowledge and experience we can help decrease cost dramatically. It is not a secret that we are big fans of a Serverless paradigm because of three main reasons - costs, performance and scalability.

Serverless Proposition

Yes, Serverless is about costs. Have an idea? Ready to do a Proof-of-Concept? But don’t have a big budget - then Serverless is definitely the choice for you. If your business relies on “pay as you go” charges for the customer - then Serverless is your choice. Need resilience, security and scalability out of the box – once again, Serverless is your choice.

Zero-like costs

No need to pay for AWS EC2 instances if they are idle 90% of the time. Think about what your apps actually do and if it is possible to decompose the system into independent modules/Lamda functions. We are certain that you have logic and common sense to move over to Serverless which would be a great choice.

API in the Cloud

API-only backend solutions benefit from Serverless architecture the most because the AWS API gateway directs or delegates invocation events directly to AWS Lambda. AWS API is a reliable, secure way to manage API with authorizers and validators that produce native AWS solutions in one place – at the edge of your system.

Web portal in the Cloud

CMS, e-commerce, `my account` type of apps usually require a stack of backend and frontend solutions. We already know how to build API solutions with Serverless and you can use AWS Cloud capabilities to host Frontend code if you want. AWS S3 + AWS CloudFront produce a practical use case. You will definitely need to configure the AWS Route53 and AWS Certificates but don’t worry too much, as it should be easy and super fun.

Technologies we use
Technologies we use
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Our Team
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