Tailored Predictive Analytics Solutions for Retail, Agriculture, Medicine, and Insurance

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Sales forecasts, trends in consumer buying habits, revenue drivers, effects of ad campaigns all put together into interactive dashboards for efficient inventory planning and customer relationship management.


Automation and optimization of financial metrics and KPIs, supply chain management, and duties of agronomist (crop rotation, yield forecast, etc.) for agricultural holdings, grain trading companies, and investment institutions.


Comprehensive Laboratory & Hospital Information Systems (LIS & HIS) to facilitate management of healthcare institutions in a cost-effective way in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) of their operations.


Smart Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) systems take care of complex policy lifecycle & claim handling processes enabling insurer to outperform competition and become a leading player in the market.


Agricultural holding dashboard

Agricultural holding dashboard is the multi-farm solution to analyze KPIs of farms, such as ROI, profitability, ratings, type of costs, systematic deviations


Map navigation, crop rotation plan and yield forecasting, profitability and cost structure reporting, ratings of farms and agronomists.


efficiency gains for ROI evaluation process


efficiency gains for Crop Rotation planning

Financial services

Finance is a versatile field of knowledge based on mathematics, statistics and modeling. We have been accumulating financial practices and experience for 7+ years in such areas as portfolio management, investment banking, retail banking/CRM, financial risk management, global payment systems, eCommerce/mCommerce. On practical side, investments into high level of application security will ensure your company protection from financial fraud and data loss, and guarantee 99,99% operability in the future.

Risk management portal

Cloud-based solution for Acquiring Banks, Payment service providers and electronic merchants to stay up-to-date and manage appropriate level of information security and PCI DSS compliance.

Healthcare & Medicine

Modern Laboratory & Hospital Information Systems (LIS & HIS) are comprehensive solutions to manage healthcare institutions in a cost-effective way in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) of operations, such as Order Entry and Patient Tracking, Billing Insurance reporting, Laboratory/Microbiology duties and specialized medical sub-routines: Radiology, Pathology, Genetic, Pharmacy, Phlebotomy, Blood Bank/Blood Donor.

US-wide healthcare company

SHMS is a sophisticated social tool that uses indirect signs to detect diseases that are specific to a particular area of residence. Symptoms and names of diseases in social posts serve as the basis for analysis - counting the frequency of occurrence of health complaints in social media posts from particular areas allows to determine systematic reasons of the diseases.


The ACA creates new competitive private health insurance markets – known as Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) – that enable Americans and small businesses to select and enroll in high-quality, affordable private health plans (coverage) at competitive prices (indirectly or through TPAs/Brokers). Complexity of the Policy lifecycle & Claim handling processes converted to smart solution helps Insurer form market as a leading player of the Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) ecosystem.

Healthcare Information Exchange Firm (HIX)
834-File Reconciliation Management Console

The aim of the project is to provide a convenient SaaS solution for HIPAA file processing for HIX-players to decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of reporting, comparing & reconciliation processes of 834 and 820 files.

Data is so easily available these days that not taking advantage of them is prohibitive luxury.

Big Data

Loads of data inherent to any business process give endless opportunities for optimization, disruption, and innovation. We use high-end SQL and NoSQL databases and related tools to take care of all possible incarnations of this precious asset.


Big data can be overwhelming. Moreover, not all data is equally relevant and accurate. We use advanced analytical tools and techniques to sift through disparate sets, identify meaningful relations, and convert them into smart data, i.e. data that can talk.


Forecasts are always wrong. The only question is to what extent? We utilize computing power, in-depth statistical expertise, critical reasoning, and common sense to the extreme to arrive at the best possible results using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

Well-designed predictive analytics solutions equip you with reliable, timely and accurate insights about your businesses, and enable solid decision-making based on consolidated data.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing technologies, including Oracle, SAP HANA, Vertica, Greenplum, Microsoft SQL Server

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence tools, including Oracle Business Intelligence, SAP Business Objects, Cognos, SAP Lumira/Predictive analytics, Qlikview, Tableau

Big Data

All sorts of data storing, handling, and processing solutions, including Hadoop ecosystem, Spark, Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB,

Data Science

Advanced tools for data analysis, including Python (NumPy, SciPy), R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Scala, Julia.

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